I never liked bloaty software. That includes websites. So I was never very keen on blog software like Wordpress. However, I do like it when websites look fancy and are responsive.

While it is certainly possible to achieve this by doing everything yourself, it also takes a lot of work and thus time. Time I would rather spend on different things. So I was looking for the easy way to create a shiny-looking website. In previous attempts I tried different things, from programming the entire page myself to static site generators.

I quickly gave up on programming it myself, but I did use Jekyll for a while. Jekyll generates websites from markdown files and there are a lot of themes freely available. I quite liked the concept. However, there is still a little bit of work involved, such as preparing the pictures for a blog post in different sizes and producing thumbnails.

So this time, I wanted the really easy experience and I went looking for Wordpress alternatives. And I found ghost. Ghost is an open-source software running on Node.js and it is a really easy to use blogging platform.

It is also possible to get a hosted instance, but I run my blog on my own server. I found a really nice tutorial here that fit my system of a Debian Linux server with nginx perfectly. It got me started really quickly as well. I was not looking at the time, but I think it is doable in less than 15 minutes. So thank you to Nicolas Abbal for providing this tutorial and to the developers of the ghost blogging platform!

In my case, I am currently running the default ghost theme, which looks super neat in my opinion. I will certainly tweak it a little in the future (to get rid of any links to facebook, for example), but so far, I am really happy with it and how easy and quick it was to get started.