I am not only moving in real life, I am also moving this blog. This used to be available under home.matou.de because I intended it to be a blog about mostly home automation. Turns out, I also like to write about other stuff and I also had a couple of blog posts from my old website that I wanted to conserve. So I moved everything to my main domain matou.de.

This reminded me why I love Let's Encrypt for website certificates. Getting and installing certificates was as simple as creating a rudimentary nginx configuration that serves the website and then running certbot --nginx on the command line and follow the instructions. Done.

The articles from my old website, that I already imported here are about vi bindings on the command line and about the pictures that I publish here. I am still working on a post that containes a lot of math formulas and that I am trying to get rendered correctly.

Additionally, I finally translated my posts to German (except the articles from the old website).